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By T.R Lawrence

T.R. Lawrence’s artful storytelling will delight readers with vivid descriptions of his life-changing adventures and opportunities in Morocco that lead to a successful import-export business dealing in fine antiques and things rarely unearthed in the markets of Marrakech.

Become engrossed in the narrative writing that offers an intriguing look at exotic Morocco.

…From the Magical Markets of Morocco

Praise for Lawrence of Marrakech

T.R. Lawrence's colorful account and images of his times spent in Marrakech during an era when tourists were a rarity and importing Moroccan goods was even more rare is captivating, moving, and educational. T.R. brings the reader with him on his journey, from the eye-opening adventures he experiences during his first visit — which was intended to be a casual surf vacation — through the relationships he built there and the successful business that ensued. The inside look at every day Moroccan life coupled with his adventurous, warm, and inquisitive spirit brings the culture of this city in the heart of Morocco to life. He details the warmth and customs of the local setting, along with the quirks of doing business in a far away land that was, at that time, undiscovered.
T.R. Lawrence’s enthralling book on shopping the Marrakesh, Morocco souk took me back 20 years. …He surfed the souk and was able to resurrect in words the sounds, excitement, smells, mystery and magic of the famed Marrakesh souk adjacent to the three-ring- circus Jemma-el-Fna square… It is a great read.
Reading "Lawrence of Marrakech" I was instantly transported to another time and another place. I imagined myself back in one of my favorite haunts: the Djemma el Fna, replete with its snake charmers, acrobats, fire-eaters and storytellers, as well as the winding alleyways and souks that lie beyond. I cannot but admire Lawrence's sense of adventure, bravery and fun in the 1970s, those more innocent days before the advent of the internet, mobile phones, social media etc. I recommend this book to any lover of Morocco.

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