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By T.R Lawrence

T.R. Lawrence’s artful storytelling will delight readers with vivid descriptions of his life-changing adventures and opportunities in Morocco that lead to a successful import-export business dealing in fine antiques and things rarely unearthed in the markets of Marrakech.

Become engrossed in the narrative writing that offers an intriguing look at exotic Morocco.

…From the Magical Markets of Morocco

Praise for Lawrence of Marrakech

“Lawrence of Marrakesh” is the story of TR Lawrence’s passion for Moroccan textiles and the many adventures to which that passion leads. Set against the sights, the sounds, and the smells of Marrakesh, in all their beauty and rawness, it ranges from the manicured gardens of the luxurious Mamounia Hotel to the dark, narrow alleyways of old town. And of course, there are the busy souks. It is a fascinating story, well told. As you will learn, no one visits the markets of Marrakesh without a guide. Let Lawrence be yours.”
A fun, page-turning travelogue. This was an enjoyable read!

… learn the intricate pathways of the medina in Marrakech… an authentic reflection of that country.

… experience a business lesson about how to become an entrepreneur.

… read how one adventure leads to another and before one knows what has happened, an entire life’s course has been altered for the better.

The elder reader will appreciate the spirit of the past; the younger reader should find it an inspiration.
T.R. Lawrence’s enthralling book on shopping the Marrakesh, Morocco souk took me back 20 years. …He surfed the souk and was able to resurrect in words the sounds, excitement, smells, mystery and magic of the famed Marrakesh souk adjacent to the three-ring- circus Jemma-el-Fna square… It is a great read.

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From T.R. Lawrence & Linda O’Leary’s travels to Morocco